in my past I've been abused mentally and physically and, you know those feminists that go away to far, like the whole "men shouldn't exist" comments and "women don't need men", btw I'm ok with feminism as in females should be equal with men, that's amazing but when they become sexist is when I don't like it, well my aunt, the one who abused me was a bit feminist, and this person said "men can't have trauma, they don't have feelings, you need feelings to have trauma" and that has been stuck on my mind for a few weeks now

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  • Ash_Davis


    It’s an ignorant point of view from your aunt . Our situation seems similar in I was abused mentally and physically too. Men are allowed to have feelings and you aren’t alone

  • nutter


    I completely understand cause my past trauma was from my family as well. I grow up in a "women belong in the kitchen" household. But tbh everyone goes throw some type of trauma, I was stocked when my Bf told me some of his past and how we related through some type of trauma and that's when I realize no matter the gender or sex preference everyone has been through something to cause them so much pain. And the along thing we can do to help people is support and be there no matter the difference.

  • runjumpsoar93


    Hey, so my abuser was someone who I now share many core beliefs with, radical feminist, anti-capitalist, basically striving for equality, democracy and health for everyone everywhere. But for the large part of my adolescence, I had huge issues with the fact that these were the same beliefs as my abuser and I couldn't accept that someone so evil and horrible could share these ideas with me so I just rejected them altogether and demonized them. It took me a long time to understand, for me, that there are horrible people in every political ideology and that it is also okay to distance yourself from politics if they are too triggering like they were for me. So so so much love, i see you and hear you

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