im super scared of getting into a relationship because i dont want to have other people deal with what i struggle with. but im also just. so lonely. it feels bad but maybe its for the best?

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  • darkstarrynight


    I relate to what you're saying a ton. I want a relationship but I don't want it to be unbalanced because of my chronic pain disorder. I don't want to have to depend on them too much.

  • Gwen71


    I totally understand how you are feeling. I am lonely too but I tell the person straight up in the beginning of the relationship that I have depression and anxiety so THEY can make a decision on pursuing the relationship further.

  • Soskae


    I got some really good advice before I met my husband. You have to be whole first and love yourself before you can start loving someone new. If you are trying to fill a hole that one or both of you has or fix each other it’s not going to end well. Check in with yourself and make sure you practice self love and care before you commit to sharing yourself and your love.

  • bodybroke420


    the relationships i have felt the most seen in have been with other disabled people…we need a dating app just for us!!

  • Heaven197987


    Find someone that you have common things your dealing with you can make it work by being supportive to each other but you got to make sure the person wants to grow you also need to want to grow with someone. I found my someone he's a lot like me I'm pushy because I only want the best for them so I push for only things they would feel better doing in their life only a positive change for people

  • rorose


    you deserve someone who understands and wants to be with you. even if that means accepting your issues. ❤️issues dont last forever after a certain point they resolve themselves

  • Marcaroni22


    I am the same way but always remember you are worth the help even if it's in the form of the relationship. I am trying to get back into it but my mind and my issues make me feel like I would be terrible in a relationship. Never give up and your never alone.

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