My psych moved me up to 60mg of Prozac, this is my first day taking this dose. has anyone been on this much, what was your experience?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Inezz


    I didn’t like it honestly it made me feel worse than before first 2 weeks I had the tremors like with anxiety it made it worse than they stuck me on so many other things the only thing that worked for me after trying everything was Cymbalta because it’s mood stabilizer it gradually works few days so it wasn’t all like bamm one time but Recently I’ve taken myself off my meds because I hate pills my moms had a addiction with pills and she dies from it so I’m fearful and hate at same time but recently I’ve been doing meditation I know it sounds cliche but it’s been so helpful but every one is different I’m just trying to be realistic because meditation may not always be available and have to learn other coping strategies ya know but I can only speak for myself

  • princessblue


    I can only speak for myself as well. I was on the highest dose you can be on with Prozac it was good until my body was like nope new med time lol 😆

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