how do people even start a relationship with hsv2. none of the dating sites that "specialize" in std dating are either paid or no one in my area. because of where im from and the stigma that still surrounds it in my area, i know i have to disclose it to future partners. but im a little scared about mentioning any of it.

Herpes Simplex

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  • Md3


    Just be up front about it and hope for the best it's very very common and people are starting to understand it more

  • Lilydove


    Thats SUCH a great question and please know you are absolutely not alone in feeling that way. I’m here to tell you that you’d be surprised how many people are accepting. Really! And I mean it when I say, if someone loves you, they will be accepting of it. I promise ❤️ I typically waited until I felt comfortable and felt that the relationship was progressing and getting serious. Then I would share it.

  • Mariafbaby


    I brought the conversation up to my ex about herpes and how so many celebs have it and what his thoughts were and then I just came out and said it, he was thrown off but he was ok. I also never had a break out while I was with him and he got tested periodically and he was fine, I would only disclose it to someone I trust and feel close with. Ever since that I’m not interested in casual sex as well

  • Late


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