are diabetes and depression linked???

Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)


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  • Oleg


    I think so. Yes.

  • Potatohead


    I, personally think so. I have both and the timing was very close. My depression came first. I think it contributed to bringing on the diabetes.🤔

  • Brooklyn1104


    Yes they can be. We all have things that ado do in our body I don’t know what age you were diagnosed with diabetes and if it’s type one or type two but depression really can’t bring on diabetes so in example as I was traveling a lot between New York and London and my immune system is already down because I had an underactive thyroid I had a little bit of cake that was bad I got very very bad food poisoning didn’t go to the hospital in time it attacked my immune system and it brought out type one diabetes at the age of 43 it’s very hard to learn at that age it also depends on how you’re feeling and how your diabetes is managed if your A1c is very high or off the charts yes it can lead to depression and also it’s not an easy life to live I know this constantly having to look at what you’re eating count the carbs having people telling you what you’re doing wrong it’s your fault your sugar is high let me know how long you’ve had it the diabetes and what type you have I might have some suggestions for you hold your head up high as hard as it is one of the hardest to manage we all get down sometimes

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