I've only been gluten free for a few months, how do you veteran celiacs balance eating healthy, eating afforably, and enjoying the food you eat? It seems like I can only ever check two of those boxes and it's really frustrating. Any tips?

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  • O1100010


    You will get the hang of it I promise! For me I rlly just needed to learn to cook, and celiac kinda forced me to learn. I wouldn’t bother with any prepackaged stuff unless you’re having a really bad craving for something, but I think that’s where the money starts adding up.

  • Faerie37


    I try to stick to a lot of a foods that are naturally gluten free like corn tortillas for tacos/ quesadillas. Rice or rice noodles for various Asian dishes. Yogurts and soups for fruits and veggies and honestly Honey Nut Cheerios becoming gluten free was a game changer for me

  • Sillymongoose


    If you’re not much of a cook, you can get celiac friendly meal plans, like from hello fresh or other cheaper options. I eat A LOT of potatoes, rice, corn chips, rice noodles and gluten free noodles. I do spend money on good gluten free bread but try to limit it to two pieces a day and I keep it in the fridge so it lasts longer. Meal prep can be a great help, like bulk frozen chicken breasts, frozen veg, then make some rice or noodles and you’re set for a couple meals with only needing to warm the chicken and noodles/rice, and cook the frozen veg according the instructions.

  • coolhippieaunt


    pinterest helps me put all my meal ideas and recipes in one place & find some actually decent gluten free ones. schar is a solid brand for bread. i usually go with some kind of protein & carb combo for energy in the morning like egg bites & toast & a piece of fruit. for lunches and dinner i usually end up with some kind of rice, veggie, meat & sauce combo. i also like homemade soups, crock pot meals, pasta & big salads. i usually grocery shop at meijer & on their website you can choose to just see their gf foods which is super helpful

  • ICyou


    I’ve been diagnosed for over 7 years now. You really do get the hang of it. I feel like being gluten free is easier and easier every year. The amount of people who do it as a fad diet are actually helping more companies create gluten free options. I don’t love cooking so I do eat processed stuff from the grocery store. Also rice is a life saver. I enjoy so many foods now that I used to dislike because they subconsciously made me feel yucky. So it’s cool to see my opinion of different things change. And it becomes second nature asking for gluten free menus. Mentioning you have an allergy. Also if you go overseas there is a website where you can get a “celiac restaurant card” that explains what you can and cannot eat in any language. It’s great. Just print it out and take it with you.

  • Chickpea


    I’ve been gluten free for 12+ years at this point, and I echo what everyone is saying above. It really becomes second nature over time. When I was first diagnosed gf options were pretty limited (think dense, tiny loaves of bread made of out nothing but rice flour). GF options are amazing now by comparison, though some brands are definitely pricey. Tinkyada makes good, affordable brown rice pasta, and I like Little Northern Bakehouse as a decently priced gf bread that isn’t totally full of gums and additives. Bob’s red mill is also a go-to brand for all of their elisa tested gf grains and flours. Good luck!

  • phlox


    I just don’t eat carbs. Not saying that’s the healthy route… but I don’t buy that overpriced gf bread and stuff. Saves me money that way. Crackers are expensive as crap too. Anything replacing a gluten product and labeled gf is crazy expensive. Most of the time they are those processed foods you can no longer have (flour tortillas, bread, crackers, cookies, etc.) urge u to eat veggies!!

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