I feel stuck. If I talk about my mental/physical health I worry it seems I'm seeking attention and if I keep it to myself the rare times it comes up I'm worried I seem like I'm lying about it... for attention. I don't know where that balance lies and it is so isolating.

I want to make more friends then become anxious about when to bring it all up. The first questions I get are "do you have any kids." and it's "no, I can't" or "what do you do for a living?" "I can't work either." and it makes me feel lazy? But it's a big part of my existence and messes with my plan making.

Mr. Meeseeks was right when he said existence was pain. Ooowee.

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • ibsbabe


    Sending love! ❤️

  • Nat_Nat


    I'm sorry you feel so isolated and disconnected for other people. I had to learn how to tell people I was sick and not feel like I was trying to get attention. I don't like to share those kind of things with others. But it's important that you know, there will be people in your life that will love you and want to care for you even with your illness. They won't nurse you or pity you, but they will be understanding. It's those people that will be your true friends and I hope you meet them soon

  • Chronically_Awesome


    I feel this way all the time! I honestly don’t have any advice besides just saying you are not alone. I feel like this pretty much all the time! Sometimes I feel like this illness defines me. I don’t want to let it define me, but there are so many things it limits.

  • BHC


    Talk about your mental health! We are here to help you on this app! You match with people that know what it is like. When making friends wear a smile even if it's a fake one. The more and more you talk to people then it'll be alright. I have really bad social anxiety when it comes to talking to people. Luckily I am a 15 year old female so at my school all that gets brought up is boys and with some of the girls at my school makeup and things like that. Why does it make you feel lazy? If you can't work then you can't. Poshmark is technically working by selling clothes so maybe you can look into that if ur interested (I've heard it's alright) existence is pain for sure but the best we can do is fight. Don't let others take control of your life and try to build one for you. You are the one who builds your life so build it! You are an amazing human being and I can already see that. So go make friends. If they ask them give them a small part of why you cant not the full thing trust me it helps.

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