Hi I have been on my period for 3 months now. I have tried 6 different birth control pills, the patch, and 2 DEPO shots over the last 3 years. Before my spleenectomy I was on my period for 256 days. I have an IUD now it doesn't seem to be helping. Is there anything anyone knows about that can help with the bleeding and endometriosis pain?


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  • Cindy33


    Hi sorry that you are dealing with this! Hope you'll feel better soon🙏 If drugs aren't helping you, maybe you should consider taking more drastic action like ablation or laproscopic surgery?

  • courtnorg


    Thank you. I think I will talk to my obgyn about the possibility of surgery.

  • Endoem


    I’m so sorry you’re going through this💖 If you are looking into surgery please consider looking into an endometriosis excision specialist to make sure you get the correct care! Most OBGYN’s are not educated on how to properly remove endo. Xo

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