Hi. I have chronic restlessness, known as "akathisia". I have had it since 1995 and have seen many doctors. However, none of them have been willing to diagnose me with it. If you have read anything about akithisia (or, god forbid, have first-hand experience with it), you will know that the only way you can get it is by taking certain types of medications. However, in my case, it seems to have begun after a period of severe stress and some sort of severe flu-like illness. At that time, I was given antibiotics. Just this past year someone suggested to me that perhaps the antibiotics were the cause of the akathisia. I guess that's plausible, but there's really no way to test the theory.

doctors don't want to date with me with that because they don't think it can exist except as a side effect of certain medications. My echathisiaine doesn't seem to

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