anyone else just kinda feeling empty? if so how do you deal with it? i feel so hopeless and crushed and I just wanna be able to get out of bed not feeling so exhausted.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • beepboop1


    totally relatable :( recently heard that staying inside / in bed all day is good for anxiety, but bad for depression.... so i started FORCING myself outside of the house and ive found that i am more motivated / less depressed lately :) obviously easier said than done but

  • BanderSnail


    Definitely feel it

  • dannyimprego


    i just woke up from a 5 hour nap lol i get u. i used to do this everyday but not so much anymore. i feel like giving myself reasons to get up and go outside as helped a lot. like feeling needed to go somewhere with other people depending on me to go is sort of motivation for me (like my job). i say maybe try to find genuine reasons to get out of bed and go somewhere that you wanna go. maybe like a yoga class, painting, a job, or even just driving around for fun (if u have a license and are willing to spend money on gas lol).

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