anyone have experience with Cymbalta? I have depression, anxiety, and chronic pain

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  • VioletAmor


    Cymbalta is the only reason I can function as a semi-normal human being. After about 8weeks of taking it, I found a decrease in pain. as we’ve increased the dose to 60 mg about one month ago, I have more energy, less pain, and mood is better than it was before. For me, it works

    • MLee


      thank you so much mega appreciate it

  • TouchyCactus


    Cymbalta is great! It helps a lot with anxiety and depression, but I’ve found if you miss a few days or stop it abruptly, the withdrawal is REALLY bad, though it stops once you’re back on it.

    • MLee


      I super appreciate the feedback !

  • Erai


    I just want you to be aware (if you aren't already) that even if it doesn't work for you, that's okay and don't lose hope. Best wishes :)

  • evanchiladas


    i often say that cymbalta has saved my life. for about 4-6 months in 2018, i went through extreme sucidal thoughts and massive mood swings that lasted two-weeks-long and two-weeks-off. i was then finally diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, was prescribed cymbalta, and was recommended i go on a contraceptive to regulate my period, to which i did with junel fe 1/20. on 60 mg cymbalta, i experienced excessive sweating and occasional weird dreams, but i felt so much better and vowed to stay on cymbalta until i have completely finished my trauma healing journey. i just recently upped my dosage to 90mg last month, as my severe depression still hasn't seemed to budge. i'm experiencing excessive sleepiness and very bizarre dreams/nightmares, usually pertaining to my traumas. i'm reconsidering the increased dosage, but i'm really disappointed because my mindset and mood is even better than before. intrusive thoughts, hopelessness and overall feel of depression has decreased significantly. i'm able to feel sadness, happiness, anger, etc at normal volumes(for the most part, as another medication causes irritability lol). i'm able to make decisions and place my identity much more clearly, too.

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