Heyo, I'm super bad at getting treatment for my PCOS (I basically can't motivate myself to see a doctor about that, but that's a different problem) and therefore have been off medication for several years. I know this is not ideal but I generally don't have any major problems symptoms-wise, however lately my skin has been terrible, my unwanted hair has been growing back with a quickness and my periods have been more irregular than usual. I know the best solution is actually seeing a doctor and getting medicated, but I was wondering if y'all have any supplements or dietary recommendations you use to help combat your symptoms. Thanks 😊


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • MexicanToasty


    As for irregularities. There was a time I didn’t get my period for a year. Another time 9 months. My GYN prescribed progesterone to help get it going when that happens again. Though I never tried it because I completely changed my diet and became more active and haven’t had that issue since. Diet change is hard, but because I’ve developed severe GI issues I didn’t have much of a choice. But I noticed of course stopping eating fast food helped tremendously. I eat low FODMAP for the most part and generally eat little red meat, no/low gluten, no dairy, soy free, and just drink water. I go for an hour walk just about everyday sometimes 2 hours if I’m with a friend. I lost 50 pounds and it’s helped a lot as my skin and periods did mellow out. I also take multivitamins to help with energy.

  • EmiEmi


    Ovasitol! Also check out PCOS Diva, she has a supplement guide.

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