how do I stop my social anxiety and just fear of people? specifically men, anytime I have to be anywhere near a man I don't know, I start to freak out internally. Joe do I stop being so afraid?

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  • FlowMage


    I’m still working on this after years of therapy, myself. It really takes baby steps and being patient with yourself. I can’t know exactly what you need because everyone’s path is different. Finding a safe person you can go out to places with helped me until I felt like I could go by myself. I wish you luck. I know it can be really hard 🥲

  • Teardrops


    Great question! You don’t need to answer this on here but just to think to yourself if you haven’t already, has something happened with a male that makes you feel afraid of any man? I have had incidents that have occurred which I try to avoid men in general but I don’t go out of my way to avoid them. I have had social anxiety all my life. I only function in retail which seems like a something a person with social anxiety would avoid a job doing, but I love clothes. Anyways. I don’t have to be social with one person for long periods of time. And when my shift is over I can isolate and decompress and recharge my batteries so to speak. Also for this situation I try only to deal with one person at a time. Keeps me from getting overwhelmed…. The comment of going places with someone safe to help you feel more comfortable and hopefully less afraid sounds like a good start. Some men make me afraid just because…. That’s the way they are. Certain things they do or say or the manner in which they say or do it can upset me or make me afraid. I will the avoid that person. Freaking out internally is that social anxiety…. Part of helping me get over some of it what chats online…. Typically I don’t do zoom chats, just because I am hardly prepared for them. But to just text people helps me be less shy. I also have a few( okay many many years of practice or working on my social anxiety to be where I am now). Like FlowMage said it takes baby steps to work up to over coming social anxiety…. I suggestion when you can figure out how you can push yourself just a slight bit more out of the comfort zone but not so far you have a panic attack. It won’t happen over night but it does start with a single step. Good luck!!👍

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