Hi, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Polychondritis last year. Since I started the AIP diet a month and a half ago, I haven't had a flare-up. I'm wondering how far apart your flare-ups have been. Do you think a month and a half is enough time to determine whether the diet is working?

Relapsing Polychondritis

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  • river_lily


    This is a late answer, so hopefully by now you’ve been able to get in touch with someone who could answer this. But just in case, I’d say it depends on how many you got before starting the diet. I know very little about that diet so I can’t give a specific opinion on its effectiveness, but I’d say if you now get them a lot less frequently than you used to, that’s probably a good sign. I was diagnosed when I was 16 and I’m 24 now. My flare ups have gotten significantly less frequent as I’ve gotten older, and I have no idea why that is. But at my worst, I was getting about one per week. It definitely varies from person to person though, so I’d base the success of your diet off of what your baseline is.

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