what do you do to pull yourself out of a depression spell? It hits me so hard sometimes that I cant make myself do any of the ideas I've been told, (ie. writing, drawing, going for a walk.) so I need some new suggestions.


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  • JKat91


    i talk to friends and listen to a lot of music and i’m on meds

  • FruityPaTooty


    Try to take your meds on time, create a schedule and post it somewhere you go often, color, shower

  • ShopperAlone


    Listening to music or rewatching videos I like or rewatching tv shows

  • dogdad13


    On really bad days, I can't pull myself out. I just sleep the day away. It feels unproductive but time spent resting is not wasted, just make sure to drink water and eat if you can, and do whatever you're able to today to make tomorrow easier

  • gothbutsoft


    Definitely sleeping helps even if it makes you feel or others perceive you as lazy. Its literally the only thing that helps sometimes. But for getting creative again, I usually do very low pressure drawing exercises! Follow along with someone on YouTube, don't think about the outcome or the process, just do lines and swirls and studies because its no pressure. Its just practice but it gets your hands moving again

  • Picklelover21


    Honestly I wait for it to pass then I get a rush of adrenaline and have an episode and freak clean everything and shower and stuff. It’s not the best coping mechanism but it works.

  • mekkimakki


    Personally I either wait for it to pass (you have to allow yourself time and space to feel how you feel) but if it's becoming too much I make plans or volunteer for something that I absolutly have to do and will get me out of the house and distracted. Even just running errands for friends or family. I know I won't go out and buy myself groceries because of the usual negative reasoning, but I'll do it for my grandmother because she deserves it. I hope that makes sense!

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