I really need advice, I'm so conflicted.

tl;Dr - My sisters called me and I really want to call them back, but I risk my parents answering who I've been no contact with.

I moved out of my parents house about a year ago. I have two younger sisters who are both still living with my parents. My parents refuse to let me talk to them, because I'm not talking to my parents so why should I talk to my sisters? I have not talked to them since around Christmas when my grandmother called me so I could talk to them. My sisters supposedly called me today so that I could talk to them, but if I call back I risk my parents answering the phone. I miss them so much and I really want to call back so I can talk to them

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  • alexanders


    maybe you should just prepare yourself in case your parents do answer. i moved out of my dads house in january and have been living full time in my moms, and i haven’t spoken to him since. if my dad ever answered a phone i would freak out, i’d be way too scared. but if you do hear one of your parents answer, i’d hang up the phone, because im not ready yet, and it seems you aren’t either, and that’s ok! but there is a possibility your sisters will answer, and it would be a relief if you do actually hear one of their voices. just give it a shot, but prepare yourself in case you do get your parents on the phone, and what you’d do if they did answer.

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