has anyone taken prostiq for depression? I just started it and feel. o better.yet just wondering...


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  • MiaLitizia


    Hi Daysi! I am on 25 mg of Pristiq (I’m sensitive to SSRIS, so I have to take smaller doses than most people) and it has helped both my anxiety and depression significantly!

  • strawberrysoop


    i take pristiq and wellbutrin! it helps me feel way more functional. it definitely takes a bit to have a significant effect- it took a few months of fiddling with my dosage and the another month taking it consistently before i had the improvement we wanted!

  • sleepyaries2


    i take 100mg of pristiq, it has definitely worked for me. i think i might have to go up on my dosage though because the depressive symptoms are starting to come back

  • BaconPancakes


    I’ve been on pristiq for a few years and it’s the only antidepressant that’s worked for me so far. Give it a few weeks and of you don’t see a difference, talk to your doctor

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