I need some support right now.. Have any of you ever taken less than your usual dose of medicine because you felt like if you're not struggling then you're not doing enough? Like if you're not in some kind of emotional distress then you're not going to do the things you need to to stop struggling? I know it sounds super backwards but that's what my brain is doing right now. If I'm too comfortable to or not wanting to pull my hair out, something is wrong and I'm not struggling enough.

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  • blinke


    You're not alone in this thought process. There's a perceived stigma that if you're having a good day you're "not suffering enough" or "not mentally ill enough" to deserve help or treatment. Your brain is lying to you. I find that to combat these thoughts, I just remind myself that I deserve help even on a good day. It's perfectly valid to feel this way and have these thoughts, and you're not alone in this. 🤗

    • Silly_Sili


      that makes sense, thank you

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