Im thinking that I'm having a bad sensory day? but Im not sure. I just know that one class got really loud and I stepped out bc I could feel it making my anxiety spike and my anxiety has been high ever since

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • kieanne


    i have those days too. where it seems impossible to relax. but i found some stuff that helps distract me. i have a few specific songs i’ll listen too and usually i’ll cross stitch too and watch a tv show which usually helps me calm down. any sort of fidget toys can help as well 💗

  • Cashy


    I can totally relate

  • StormyMind


    I hate loud &/or overwhelming noises too. Might not be your case, but I’m pretty certain I have misophobia…if I got the term correct. At the moment I can’t doublecheck the term/spelling.

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