I’m having a hard time sleeping due to intense neck pain and tightness. What can I do? Lately I’ve been suspecting I might have FM but I’m still waiting for a rheumatologist appointment so any advice or ideas to bring more clarity to me would be so helpful

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  • misunderstood


    Hello, my biggest pain points are my neck and shoulders. I just wanted to say that a heating pad and neck massager does sooth mine, also a Epsom salt bath sooths it, I was also put on savella for FM and this is day 4 for me and already feel a difference in the pain in my neck and shoulders. Keep your head up, and don't give up.

  • HeyReese


    Until you can be seen by a doc, all of the above will help (aside from the Rx) & I like arnica salves, tiger’s balm, magnesium, and valerian. Also CBD + turmeric (I prefer “garden of life” brand)

  • _Aja_


    Pre-doctor advice: have you tried sleeping flat without a pillow? About-doctor advice: I’ve found a pain specialist much more helpful than a rheumatologist but I get not every area has those. Mine put me on clonazepam to help with sleep and relaxing muscles (the lowest dose was enough to help me! So relieving!).

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