What has improved your symptoms the most?


MTHFR Mutation

Folic Acid

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • nathwaites


    an MTHFR supplement that has vitamin B in it!!

  • SeaStar


    I literally have zero symptoms that I know of. Is that unheard of?

  • jay_


    stay away from estrogen!!! super high chance of blood clot if you do. just get bloodwork and take supplements as needed.

  • SeaStar


    I was diagnosed with it back in 2011, and was told I’ll never be able to take hormones again. But are their symptoms of this mutation? Because I don’t believe I have any that I know of.

  • Joyess


    Check out dr. Ben Lynch on YouTube he also has a book called. Dirty Genes and he has a supplement company called seeking Health where you can get so many different supplements he himself has this mutation. I take hydroxyl B12/folinic acid that I get from his supplement company. Just be aware some people will tell you to take methyl B12 or methylfolate and not everyone tolerates them they created terrible anxiety jitteriness and terrible insomnia for me

  • MargotAmelie


    DEPLIN 15 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • starrybun


    Methylated B vitamin complex!

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