anyone else struggle with intrusive thoughts? i hate them. they take up so much of my time. then theres the whole reprocessing trauma so it wont be so strong against you. i hate it all. i hate having to deal with the past. i hate the past and how its affecting my future and present moment. i hate that i feel nothings changed. or nothings changed enough. i hate the same old same old. i hate it all.

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Intrusive thoughts

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  • Derek20


    Hey, intrusive thoughts can be really hard to deal with. When I had them they took many hours out of my day. I really suggest you go talk to a psychiatrist about it, he will be able to help you because that's what helped me in the end too. Are you currently taking any medication?

    • rorose


      i am and its strong but the thoughts still keep coming. ๐Ÿ˜ž

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