hi!! can anyone else out there read/write norwegian? we have a few alters who are struggling to make friends bc they consider norwegian to be their first language + dislike english. we are not fluent, but we are somewhat conversational- about the level of a young child (fittibg, since theyre both littles)

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • damon


    I can't speak Norwegian sadly, but you may be able to find public discord servers that do and would be accommodating. I believe there might be a Norwegian tag on Disboard (a website for finding niche or specific discord servers) (This comment probably wasn't that helpful for you but I figured I'd comment to boost the chances of more people seeing your post)

  • strawberrysoop


    thank you, i appreciate it!! i actually ended up making a server for headmates who prefer not to speak english and/or are nonverbal, and we already have a few members!!!

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