I’ve been having recent flares of interstitial cystitis that my doctor thinks are UTIs, even though I don’t test positive for them. I’ll be given antibiotics anyway. Can anyone relate? What do you typically do? Thank you!

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  • McFluffy


    Why does your doc think it’s UTIs instead of IC even though your tests are negative?

  • Bun._.Bun


    My doctor put me on vesicare to deal with flare ups. If your test results are coming back negative absolutely don’t take the antibiotics you will just mess with your body

  • Miss_sparkly


    You need to see a urogynecologist who deals with urinary problems and gynecology issues as well!! IC is a diagnosis of exclusion!! After thinking I had utis and was tested but always negative saw someone who diagnosed it as IC!! I agree antibiotics will not help the IC!! Also pelvic floor dysfunction can go hand in hand with IC. First find another Dr who is more knowledgeable about the disease and can give you options!! It’s all trial and error!! What works for everybody is different! 2 years down the road and am always investigating what is another answer. I also do pelvic floor physical therapy which I find has helped me tremendously. So good luck but definitely find another Dr.

  • 100Percent_K


    Get a urogyn who knows about IC. Giving you antibiotics for no reason is dangerous and you need someone better informed

  • Mimi28


    Agreed 100%!!!! DO NOT take antibiotics l. I had the exact same issue and at the time I was more ignorant about western medicine, they put me on antibiotics for a year bc of how bad they were and I can tell you my life has forever changed since. I would do anything to go back to the day before agreeing to follow that doctors advice to take antibiotics for that long especially. It will ruin your gut flora and next thing you know you’ll have worse issues persist.

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