just got my tonsils removed and i absolutely hate all nurses. i have never met a nurse that wasnt literally every bully in high school. i wake up in extreme pain and nauseous, she asks me how im feeling and i say “pain, nausea” and she snaps back “well pick one, we can only treat one at a time.”and i answer by dry heaving
i ask her what my blood sugar is, and the next thing this see you next tuesday says to me is “yeah its 131 right now but your blood sugars are totally erratic, are they always like this?”
for which me, in extreme pain pops back, “yeah no sheeet my body doesnt make insulin”
anyways i requested a new nurse and she refused and just wheeled me out of the hospital before i got to talk to the doctor who did my surgery.
nobody who is a nurse should be one.
youre all animals.

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  • Isaibiza


    I really sympathize with what you are talking about. I also had the same experience with the nurses during the surgery I had. They were so cold and disgusting to me. You really shouldn't take care of people, if you're like that. I also complained in a letter to the director of the hospital where I had the surgery, hoping that maybe something will change, but I doubt it.

  • LHGivens


    And they always talk like we are dumb and they are the experts on “all things diabetes”. Well thanks sister I have been living this reality for 35 years, I might know a little how my body works! I find male nurses are usually better. I hope you can rest and heal from your surgery without too many issues! Try not too sleep too long at a time and let your throat get dry, you need to keep drinking every couple of hours! Feel better!

    • amberlee


      thank you, i kinda was like babe, ive been a diabetic for 11 years, you only studied to do this for 6 max. its so frustrating because i could go there for a broken arm and theyd still make it all about my diabetes 🙃

  • emiIy


    im so sorry u had a bad experience :( thankfully ive mostly had good experiences with nurses. pain really can mess with bloodsugar so its no wonder it was "erratic". hope youre doing better now:)

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