Hey there! I’m trans and have extreme gender dysphoria, and it’s to the point that I have never met anyone else who seems to have it to this extent. I’ve never been intimate with anyone at all, and not even with myself. I’d rather chop a limb off than be intimate with myself, and that is in no way an exaggeration. Bottom surgery is my last step, and the waiting is killing me. I just want to be able to live my life without having to deal with the daily turmoil. Does anyone else feel similarly?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Garden07


    Honestly I feel like that feeling will never go away but I know it will…I finally got a binder a few months ago but before that every day I wanted to rip off my chest and sometimes I still do. Try to find comfort in small things you like about yourself that looks more like the gender you are…for me that was going to the gym more and seeing my arms bulking and being more muscular in my back. I hope you can find something too that you can hold onto until your surgery.

    • Crowley


      You’re totally right, going to the gym helps a ton! But there’s just always those days, more often than not, that everything feels like it’s wayyy too much to handle, ya know? I don’t have any issues passing since I started this process back when I was like 13, for me it’s about relationships. Like if there’s someone that likes me and wants to have a relationship or something, I’m just like oop welllll nooope cuz I can’t break down my walls for anyone. And intimacy, well just forget it. It’s the parts of life where you feel like you’re missing out, and that there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, that get to me the most. Sorry that was a lot, but feel free to give me your thoughts if you want!

  • Sox


    I am able to masturbate, but really struggle with allowing others to touch me. I got a custom erect prosthetic from gender cat and it really boosted my confidence. Although I rarely use it for penetration, being able to look down and see it (while keeping my boxers on to avoid the attachment area) really helped. It's very pricey though. About $400? But worth it if you have the means

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