I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with my body. I’m exhausted, no appetite, losing weight, dizzy/lightheaded, out of breathe doing simple things, does anyone have similar symptoms or could possibly point me in the right direction


Diffuse connective tissue disease

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  • hydra_in_the_fen


    hey! so sorry you’re dealing with all this, it’s a rough combo. i’d look into POTS if the dizziness comes from standing, maybe fibromyalgia if you also have chronic pain. those are both things that don’t show up on blood tests, but if you haven’t had a blood test for inflammation/autoimmune, i’d recommend doing that. hope this helps!

  • Gracieee


    I'm honestly feeling the same nobody knows what's wrong with me. Try checking you glucose levels and iron

  • Lgtwin


    Thank you!! My iron has been really low and the iron infusions didn’t help at all. My blood work showed that my hemoglobin, and hematocrit were low but my platelets were super high. Having more blood work done I’m just hoping to get some answers

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