My big problem whilemon this situation is controlling fluids !!!
I’m a water-coholic and this situation is killing me slowly

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

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  • CRobb


    Same here, went from drinking a gallon a day to be told I can't drink more than 1.5 litres One thing that slows me down, eat ice and stay out of the heat 🙏 Good luck

  • Retrorestart


    One good to avoid drinking water is chewing gum it makes your mouth still wet

  • Kokecito



  • SassyLuna


    I use to drink a lot of water but was told to drink no more than 4 cups a day. I thought the doctor was crazy. I reached and he was right. too much water isn't good for your kidneys. I carry mints and suckered with me every where

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