Favorite apps to help you function in this world? ADHD with chronic pain conditions. Trying to adult

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Dhadhu


    Ahhh depends I guess on your symptoms exactly. I have trouble waking so I have an app called Alarmy. It is so loud. It won't turn off unless you do math problems or type a prompt or do some exercise or take a photo of something they ask. It's good for me. Another I use is a habit tracker. I have a few actually that I'm messing around with to see which is best. It sends alarms when it's time to do things especially since I forget. I set it when I downloaded it for everything from showers and daily self care to assignments and such. I put in for example whatever the task or habit laundry I do every 3 days so I set it for every 3 days. There is an app I heard that is similar to a habit tracker but it's a game so you get points when you do a task. I forgot what it's called though. My favorite is Google assistant though. I have a smart watch as well so when anything comes to mind like a reminder or something to buy or whatever I just say hey google............. so it's nice. Currently looking for an app that reduces my phone usage. I'm always on social media and lose hours at a time. Currently I just rely on alarms and my habit trackers and of course Google assistant.

  • Dhadhu


    Ahh sorry for the longggg post

  • Crow


    I have ios and i use Painscale to map my pain, Done to track daily tasks if needed, Daylio for mood as needed, Do! To make a friendly to do list, Medisafe to track meds and drs, Out of Milk for a shopping list, and Alarmed for constant alarms u can edit to bother u

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