Hello! My name is Courtney and I would love to know how you wonderful people make it everyday. I take medication, but it has been paused because my doctor had to be changed. Do y’all have any suggestions on how to cope for this little while without being completely overwhelmed?

Panic Disorder

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  • stardaze



  • Tomothy


    Anything that relaxes you— for real. Pamper yourself while you know this is going to be a hard transition. Example: I will spend so much time in the bath it’s not funny, but that’s what relaxes me, you know?

  • uhnyeiss


    hey courtney!! my advice is to do something that you enjoy that’s calm! I love to draw on my ipad and listen to music, and it can be great for distracting from overwhelming thoughts. watching a funny show/ podcast is always distracting, or something that makes you think and focus on something else like a game or puzzle. hope this helps you!! ❤️

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