How do you deal with pain?

Generalized pain


Intracranial Hemorrhage

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  • Duuude


    Are you referring to nerve pain?

  • goodtimes


    CBD is a great pain reliever

  • Bulbous


    I’m using mmj and a narcotic but doesn’t always work

  • PaulWeaver


    I've had a lot of muscle and joint pain since returning to work. The only OTC medicine I'm allowed to take is Tylenol, which doesn't help. A heating pad helps some. I've been approved for a medical marijuana card but haven't completed the application process but I also found out I can still lose my job for failing a drug screen even with the card so I'm unsure if I will go that route.

  • PaulWeaver


    I was recently approved for medical cannabis it really has helped me with pain and getting to sleep. It has also helped improve my anxiety and depression significantly.

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