Does manic episode means u cant pay attention to anything or focus urself to a conversation??

Bipolar Disorder

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  • SheltyK


    Hi! When I'm manic I want to talk to everybody about everything. I'll start something and work on it for a while, and then move onto something else. My house gets really messy when I'm manic because I don't bother cleaning up one thing before I start the next thing.

  • keshwh


    Among many many other nightmarish symptoms? Yeah mania, and even hypomania, destroy my ability to keep focused. Lots and lots of ideas and projects and conversational topics. Very little follow-up. I drive everyone around me crazy with how much I talk, and with how little attention I can pay.

  • des00000


    My mania made me beyond social, I was live streaming with friends on an app, making friends from other states and going to visit them, very talkative, outgoing, on top of the world.

  • keshwh


    OMG des00000 that's my manic life!

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