How has your condition affected you day to day?

Specified Erythematous Conditions

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  • Des_The_Lesbo


    I'm scared to close my eyes in the shower cause something might get me:)

  • Hartley


    I just don’t go out much anymore and stay to myself. Loud noises irritate me and trigger my ptsd. I feel like it’s getting worse.

    • wheels78


      I relate to this so much feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to

      • Hartley


        that means so much 😊

  • lilypetal


    i get so self conscious when i’m out, i have trouble talking to people especially new pple because i end up dissociating and forgetting where i am, it’s a war to get out of bed in the morning at a decent time because i can’t seem to force myself out

  • cherrytree


    I do very well work maintain my home the regular

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