I was diagnosed at 3 and I’ve been unmedicated for my ADD my entire life. I’ve been okay with that until recently. Somehow now, at 26 years old and after two college degrees, I feel like my symptoms are becoming unmanageable. I’m scared about job security. I’m also scared about asking for medication. Does any one have experience starting ADD/ADHD medicine for the the first time in their twenties?

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  • Missy569


    Me I focus alot better now with my ADHD. I can get things done and finally take care of the things my mind won't let me sit still to finish. I take Concerta for my ADHD and thankfully it doesn't make me feel over hyper or like a zombie.

  • AnimalBoy


    I actually have been having the same issue but it's in part because of the medication I took as a child, but also because of the huge shift in routine between when I was a minor and now as an adult. Ritalin helped me the most while I was on it but as it turns out it can make your symptoms a lot worse if you take it before the age of 22. Adderall came first and was also somewhat helpful but had a really strange dissociative side effect that wasn't really manageable for me. Nothing I've tried since taking Ritalin has had any effect at all on me and I'm not sure if it's just because the Ritalin is/was the ideal medication for my ADHD or if it's because of the way it effected me because I took it too young. Either way as a teenager it made my ADHD so much worse I ended up maxing out the dosage and having to take an additional fast acting dose on top of it and it began making my depression significantly worse so I ended up stopping by sophomore year. Meds can definitely help but my best advice is to start a routine adjustment first/as well, do research on each medication, and keep a very detailed conversation with your doctor about how the medication effects you and what side effects you're most concerned about.

  • Mr.Man


    U may be experiencing warning signs of burnout if ur symptoms are becoming more unmanageable

  • InSearchOfFocus


    Hey! I got diagnosed in college in my late teens/early twenties Before starting meds, I would space out like almost 10 times in every lecture (I would note down the times I’d have to go back to in my lecture recording to rewatch), had so much trouble composing thoughts and putting them onto paper and I especially had a hard time focusing when reading - I’d have to re-read the same paragraph over and over and over again, it was ridiculous. Medications were life-changing. I spaced out maybe once a lecture, I could actually write essays in more organized fashion and I could focus and read a paper without having to re-read any parts. I truly can’t emphasize how much of a difference it made. It’s currently salvaging my dream of medical school that was almost dashed due to a poor second year GPA (which is when it got really unmanageable). I’ve gone from mostly B’s to mostly A-‘s. As for my medications, I went on mydais first for like a week which gave me an increased heart rate, then switched to vyvanse and went to 30 mgs which worked for a couple years though I had to slowly up the dosage all the way to 60 when it started raising my heart rate and making my depression worse. I’m very recently back to mydais which is working phenomenally - better focus, no cardiac problems *knock on wood* and my depression is so much better. Hope this helped and I’m happy to answer any more questions :)

  • Karkeys


    I started meds for the first time at 26. It changed my life. I started on Adderall but it became too much for me to handle. I'm on Ritalin and it's perfect.

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