hey my boyfriend is going on a backpacking trip for 3 months and there will be no contact with him until i see him in december. i might get one phone call from him but even that isn’t promised. i’m so attached to him and he feels like the only one who keeps me together. anyone have any tips
on how to cope with time alone like this?

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  • swaghetti.girl


    oddly enough i recently had a similar experience; my bf went into the army and was gone for 2 and a half months for boot camp. i got to call him once a week, but i felt like you do, like i need him to keep me together. i always went to him for emotional support. in the end it ended up being a good thing because i was able to self-soothe instead of relying on him, but it took some time to get used to. it really wasn't as bad as i anticipated; the first 2-3 weeks were hard but after that i figured out ways to distract myself when i was missing him or feeling anxious, and eventually i was able to hold myself up without him which made us stronger once he got back. i would recommend picking up some new hobbies like crocheting, painting, etc. to keep yourself busy!!

    • butterflylov3r1233


      this gives me so much hope thank you 🙌

  • KoiGarden


    If there is anyway to go with him that would probably be the best option. Otherwise just trying to keep yourself busy, with work, school, or events. Make sure to keep friends and family close. That would be my best suggestion. I haven't personally been through it but that is what one of my close friends did to get through her husband's 8 month deployment.

  • Schpamp


    I suggest using this time to strengthen yourself. Start becoming an independent person instead relying on him so much. Relying on others isn't always a bad thing but there is such thing as an unhealthy amount of reliance. I unfortunately was a person who was too reliant on my boyfriend at the time.

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