Hi. I’m new here to. Just wanted to ask everyone a question. Why can’t I clean my house ? Not my bedroom even. It’s gotten so bad that I get overwhelmed. I look at it and I get so upset about how out of control it is. I just sit and do nothing about it, And it really bothers me how messy everything is.. What’s wrong with me?

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  • Jen77


    Depression interferes with this. I used to have a spotless house but once Depression set in three years ago, I can't even get out of my bed to clean anything.

  • Jen77


    My new year's goal however is one word, discipline. Thats discipline how I spend my money, how I use my time to clean and cook and do things that matter, and how I eat and exercise. I'm tired of being sick and tired.

  • Placebo1228


    Because you're overwhelmed. Take a step back and do one thing a day. Not a whole room, but consider moving your laundry into a basket one day, trying to shove in one load to the wash another, the next day clean off a dresser, and just keep doing small little bits so you don't overwhelm yourself :)

  • 30Years_Of_This


    Pauline, I have the same problem. First it was the bedroom and then it spread into the living-dining room. And then I put things in boxes and carried more things into my bedroom. Now I don’t know where to start. And I get nauseated as soon as I start to move my head around.

  • Zorosect


    I can literally spend all day stressed about the fact that I haven't done something and yet I still can't bring myself to do it

  • BraeburnGirl


    That’s what I call the One Impossible Thing™️. It changes for me, but cleaning the house is a big one. What I’ve found helps is to break it down into smaller chunks. Cleaning the whole house is WAY too big of a goal, but cleaning up the coffee table is doable. Once that’s done, I can move on to vacuuming the living room, or straightening up the kitchen counters or something else. Another trick I use is what my friend and I call “body doubling”. She will come over with the only intent being to sit with me while I clean. Just having someone there holding me accountable helps.

  • Alpine


    Don't try to clean your house. Take it one room at a time & even if that's too much in that one room do little parts of each room. Just one thing every day step by step.

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