DAE say something (even related to the conversation) and have to repeat it 3 or more times just for it to never be heard and be ignored? Is this an autistic thing? It makes me feel s**t

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Anura


    I'm not sure if it's just an autistic thing, but I feel like this all the time in group conversations. I also feel the related vibe of *says something relevant and interesting* *other people act like it's dumb or irrelevant and keep talking as if it wasn't said*

  • Igglepiggle


    Happens none stop to me :(

  • carterspade


    It is an autistic thing to be ignored whenever you say something or contribute to a group conversation. It's happened so much to me over this whole year and it sucks.

  • Redvelninja


    That happens to me sometimes and it sucks especially when I'm having a hard time or having a bad mental health day. Makes me feel like a bad conversationist or a bad person. Like does asking for a bit of support and understanding is bad to y'all or do y'all just not care or notice me struggling?? Do I have to actually say that I'm struggling to get y'all's attention or do you just not want to bother me?

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