Hi all!

I’m excited to join this community and start making connections.

My questions right now are:

• What activities do you enjoy doing during a low-moderate fibro flare?

(For example, this evening I am experiencing low-moderate pain & exhaustion. It’s not severe enough to go to sleep early (7/8pm), but it is painful/exhausting enough to make it difficult to read, want to go out with friends, etc.)

• Also, is there anything that you have found helpful for pain reduction or to restore energy during a flare?

I have several medications & preventative options, but when a flare occurs, I am not sure what to do!

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  • Aja


    Typically when I’m not having too much pain I spend time at home watching YouTube or movies. I also haven’t found anything that helps during a flare except sleeping (which only helps sometimes). I’m all ears if someone has something to try during a flare 😅

  • Anxiouswalrus


    I watch a lot of TV. I’m really liking PBS Masterpiece shows right now. For pain reduction, sometimes my weighted blanket helps

  • LaurElizabeth


    I know it’s small but I love my heated blanket

  • Zentoast


    I find with those flares, forcing myself to do something light like stretching, going for a walk or low yoga really helps. Hard to muscle through but movement helps the pain.

  • Expelliarmus


    Heated or frozen rice bags are super helpful. OTC Salonpas pain patches (but do NOT use heat with them), CBD/THC lotion, stretching, soaking in tub, napping whenever I feel I need to, and snuggling my dogs.

  • Abigirl


    Honestly, nicotine helps me (I’m trying to get off it) so chewing nicotine gum is helping me atm.

  • Lyndi


    @expelliarmus — for the patches, so you use the ones with capsaicin, lidocaine, the “hot” one, or the regular one (w/ camphor, methyl salicylate, & menthol)

  • OuchiePrincess


    I like re-watching favorite tv shows, drawing, journaling, coloring, podcasts, and passively watching streamers on twitch when I want to do something but don’t have many physical spoons

  • OuchiePrincess


    I have found that you can kind of “cheat” a flare by having a sugar free energy drink with vitamins- but it is a TEMPORARY fix at best. This method can allow you the duration of the effects of the energy drink to get more physical activities done that you couldn’t otherwise do without. I don’t think this is particularly healthy but it can be useful in case of emergency- please take more care of yourself afterwards (after the effects of the drink have worn off), hydrate and rest accordingly, and don’t do this too often!

  • Foxlover


    I also have Crohn’s along with fibromyalgia, usually my Crohn’s is in remission my fibromyalgia isn’t that bad. In that case I like dancing. Right now I’m trying to get into remission so I can’t do that as much, but I walk or use my biking machine at home. I find stretching can be a little helpful or using a CBD cream.

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