I’ve been taking Celexa since 2019 and I honestly feel it has completely stopped working. My doctor and therapist keep getting me to hold off on a medication change because of how hard it is to switch over. Have you guys been through this? How was the change? It was very hard to find a medication that worked for me and it sucks it has stopped working.


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  • Hurricane


    Seems weird that they're holding off on switching. I told my psychiatrist that I thought the lexapro i had been taking was causing weight gain and she and i made a plan to get off it that day. At the end of the day its your body and if you wanna switch out, your doctors should be helping you with thar

  • Water_Lily


    Same here Hurricane, my psychiatrist had me switch from Lexapro to Celexa right away once I described what symptoms were bothering me. The only reason it was this easy for me though is because the medications have very similar chemical makeups

  • GigiD89


    Thanks guys! I made an appointment for a medication switch on the 25th so I’m hoping it’s a smooth ride.

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