Hi! I’m Kai. I’ve been suffering with tics since I was around 7. Does anyone have any advice on how to lessen tics? I am on medication.

Tourette Syndrome (TS)

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  • Alice.Elizabeth


    My neurologist recommend distraction techniques, so I do things like singing, or play the piano. When I was at the hospital, we came up with this game we called the ABC game, where you choose a topic and pick a word based on the letter you're on. Like Apple, Banana, Clementine, Dragon Fruit,,, etc. Maybe that will help.

  • TreePerson


    Focusing on something like art, singing, or a pet!

  • Maxxxx


    Hi Ive have tourettes since the second grade, I've been dealing with tics for years and word of advice; try pushing you the pressure point in your wrist and take deep breaths

  • Holle


    Grounding or distracting myself has helped a lot. It has even helped me avoid a few tic attacks!

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