Hi I have hoshimotos which is an autoimmune disease and It causes so many symptoms that It gives me panic attacks and anxiety, and since in already have High blood pressure it makes it worse thus more symptoms, i feel so alone..Whats a way you deal with your bad days?

Diffuse connective tissue disease


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  • GnomeMom


    I try to nap when I can. This disorder is overwhelming & I haven’t figured it out yet on how to manage symptoms.

  • PrincessGB


    I supposedly have Hashimoto’s. I don’t have a lot the symptoms that most people do

  • Ryryry


    I have anxiety too :,) I’m currently on an anti anxiety med The best way is for me generally, mediate, take baths and naps. That’s how I destress

  • GnomeMom


    I have all the above too & haven’t figured out how to consistantly improve the symptoms. The fatigue is the worst.

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