I’ve been recently diagnosed with eczema on my scalp and neck. At first they diagnosed it as psoriasis of the scalp. But, after using the topical steroid for two weeks then off one week I was getting these pimple like marks that were really itchy. They were gonna do a punch biopsy but said it looks more like eczema instead. So, put on a cream for the neck area. It’s second week on it. I’m really itchy. Anyone have this problem? Any good treatments?

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  • Jenh


    Maybe you need Dupixant

  • Kryptie



  • Neverleftbehind


    I have found that less is more. I am on a really good probiotic for my skin using an Anti-inflammatory diet. I also use a shampoo soap called gladskin and no regular shampoos or soaps anymore. Using an anti microbial spray helps to kill the itch and plain old Vaseline. No more steroids for me.

  • PinkBlink



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