Does anyone have a recommendation of birth control pills that doesn’t interact with concerta, lexapro, and wellbutrin (or any antidepressants and adhd meds) in a bad way?


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  • LilBuzzling


    Yup! I'm on tri-lo-mili and Lexapro. I've been just fine

  • DangerNoodle


    I just started Lo Lo, it's apparently new and dosent have some of the harsh stuff in it. I've been going through a lot lately so I'm unsure if it's affected anything. I'll try to come back to this post if I notice anything else 👍

  • madsc


    I just switched from the pill to an IUD because it was interacting with my meds. Highly recommend if it’s an option for you. Not having to think about the pill has been a huge relief.

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