What does it look like when you get triggered? I’ve had incidents where I lose all control and do things like rip out chunks of hair scream cry and break things after triggering events.

Memory Loss

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



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  • seatune


    i shut down, i can’t do anything except sit there and feel the guilt and sadness in my stomach.

  • Savinity


    It definitely looks different for everyone. For me I can’t think, my emotions go away, my heart palpitates, and my eyes start to water

  • Fable


    Heart palpations, talking gets very difficult or I'm screaming, no in-between, skin picking, I'll try to escape the situation any way I can, wringing my hands. I'm sure there's more but I usually don't remember much from my episodes

  • Jadie


    I too rip out chunks of hair. Sometimes I dissociate and lose the ability to move and speak. Other times I have panic attacks (which makes me faint due to POTS) and explosive crying. My stomach gets very angry and its likely I will puke. My first reaction to overwhelming things like that is to hurt myself so sometimes i scratch at myself and it just worsens things.

  • DesyJ


    For me it depends on what was triggered. I have PTSD from different traumatic events. So if it’s related to childhood I tend to shut down and go into fawn mode. But if it’s related to my other trauma I tend to start crying and have a panic attack (can’t breathe, start pinching myself, rocking)

  • catmom93


    I shut down, can’t speak or communicate, I feel paralyzed in fear, and have body sensations and emotions that I experienced during the trauma

  • Izzybee


    Most of the time for me i become nonverbal and just shut down. I cry hysterically and rock back and forth. It’s like no matter how hard I want to talk or try to do something to help me calm down I can’t do anything in that moment but shake and cry. I just have such strong emotions after I’ve been triggered, most of the time it’s more sensations and emotions for me. I also have a higher chance of having nightmares the following nights after being triggered as well

  • StolenSunshine


    For me, I dissociate a lot… like… a lot. I start isolating myself and pretty much mentally beat myself up.

  • Messymexi


    I dissociate, flash back to that time and place and feel all those emotions again. I tend to shut down and just focus on the flashbacks. If it gets really bad, I struggle with self injury and that's another added battle on top of that I have to fight

  • ctrl_chaos


    most the time it’s dissociate. sometimes my head makes up characters that i can talk to that know what i’m going thru. sometimes i panic and cant breathe but most the time i just shut down and spiral into depression :/

  • LadyZebra13


    Mine are not always the same. Sometimes I completely shut down and zone out. Other times I hyperventilate to the point of almost passing out. I tend to pull on my hair or dig my nails into my hands when I’m having a panic attack also.

  • Peachykeen


    My brain becomes fixated on the emotional flashback (flashback to how a past event made me feel rather than the memory) and I shut down and feel a pit in my stomach, one of the worst feelings in the world

  • Infinity


    It depends on what the trigger is. But for me, it’s usually a strong sense of rage and a desire to destroy. Most of the time, I self harm, but sometimes I lash out at other people.

  • Romii


    I disassociate a lot, to the point where I can’t talk or move. My memory is hazy when I come out of it.

  • strawberrysoop


    i start shaking uncontrollably and leave my body. i'll often feel like i'm back in a traumatic environment. a few times i didnt let anyone get near me bc i was afraid theyd hold me down to force me to get a shot or iv. ill often smell hospital antiseptic and i feel like the walls are closing in on me. sometimes i stop being able to talk. my eyes do a funny thing where nothing looks Right and people look too small or too big. ill often believe that everyone is out to get me and trying to trick me into going to the hospital for a surgery.

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