Does anyone have any advice on how to work out when dealing with chronic pains? I struggle with pains in my legs and I’m my shoulders. feels like intense lactic acid build up and I usually get it after being on my feet at work for more than about 3-4 hours. I think being a little more active could be beneficial for my body and my mind but it’s so hard to feel motivated when I know I will be in pain at some point. I’m not super active like I used to be and maybe that’s why I get those pains?

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Maybe try yoga that is for those specific problem areas. There are some great videos on YouTube. They do myofascial release that helps reduce muscle pain/tension, at least for me personally. You might want to try strength training once a week too, just to help condition and strengthen your muscles for work. I would start low and go slow though. I hope you are able to find relief

  • pamplemousse


    stretching! don’t overwork your body in places that your chronic pain affects! if you have the available funds u would also see a chiropractor if you can to see if it would relieve you of the body pains

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