how do you find people with celiacs disease your age? i need celiac friends to go out to eat with.

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  • Sad_stomach


    Not an answer but I relate! I’m in my 20s and just got out of a relationship so am trying to find new friends and it feels really isolating. And like what activities do you do when you’re getting to know someone that aren’t food/drink related?

  • wasplord


    I totally agree with @Sad_stomach, it feels so isolating. I wish I had advice on finding celiac friends, but there really aren't that many of us so I recommend looking for non-celiac friends that are willing to try gluten free options with you :)

  • Sad_stomach


    Also finding gf friends who aren’t celiac can be nice! I just so happened to meet someone who also ate gf and even though we couldn’t share all food it just felt so much more relaxed like if we needed to share water or whatever I didn’t have to be anxious about cross contamination.

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