I have UC, diagnosed in 2012, and currently take Humira. More and more I’ve been flaring and I can’t seem to get a hold of it. Just this past October I pulled out of school and work in order to try to heal. I returned to school only to now be having symptoms once again only a month ish in. Currently 99.2 fever, insane nausea making it hard to eat, fatigue, loose stools with blood and mucus. I’m tired of going through this and not being able to be the person I know I can be. Just posting to ask if others have gone through this, what you do to get calories in when nauseous, what medications have helped you, anything really. I’m so frustrated.

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  • HungryHippie


    This is precisely what I went through!! My body didn’t respond to biologics and finally, my fever became so bad that I began having tachycardia. I was rushed to the hospital via ambulance and it took them days to stabilize me. I had lost so much blood that they had to give me 2 blood transfusions. It was then decided that it was necessary to remove my colon and leave me with a temporary ostomy. DO NOT BE SCARED OF THEM!!! My quality of life improved DRASTICALLY with my bag. I was able to live pain-free. I actually started college and did great… then COVID happened haha. Anyway, I kept my bag for 7 YEARS because I loved how I felt with it. I just got it completely reversed on the 4th of January and I’m doing very well! Definitely talk about the option of an ileostomy with your GI/surgeon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I’m actually going to get a second degree in nursing so I can be an ostomy nurse. I’d be happy to answer any questions and help with whatever you need! Best of luck ❤️

  • HungryHippie


    For nausea, zofran helped me! The sublingual type is best since you don’t have to swallow it

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