Have any of you experienced neuropathy/other neurological issues as a result of your celiac? I didn’t know I had this till recently so I’ve had years of damage to my body and no one knowing what was wrong until now

Celiac Disease


Inflammatory & Toxic Neuropathy

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  • _Sophie_


    I’m about to get diagnosed with narcolepsy. That would be celiac disease’s fault

  • LCM


    I have epilepsy! Not sure if celiac caused it but I’m exploring the possibility with my neurologist. It’s really frustrating because most doctors don’t really recognize how the gastro system can relate to the neurological system. I really had to advocate for myself to get them to even acknowledge they could be related. So frustrating. Keep pushing your doctors to explore the relationship between the two of you can, to get better and more holistic care 🙏

  • E11iefant


    Yes! I have small fiber neuropathy and chronic migraines. I also have POTS(a Dysautonomia that messes with heart function)

  • GFAF


    Yes, I have not been diagnosed with neuropathy, but definitely have symptoms in my small tissues in my feet. I noticed that supplements helped with my symptoms.

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