Hi all! My HR has been insane the last month and doctors want me to keep a close eye on my HR fluctuations. The pulse-ox is getting inconvenient at this point. Has anyone used a FitBit or Apple Watch to monitor their heart rate? Which do you like better?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)


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  • BlueShady


    I use my Apple Watch daily to track my HR!!

  • Catslovesoup


    Apple Watches can be unreliable and tend to have wrong readings. I recommend getting a pulse ox monitor. You can find them at Walmart! They are the things they put on your finger at the doctor or hospital.

  • Catslovesoup


    Oh sorry just saw your pulse ox was unreliable! 😬 I’ve heard that Fitbit is a better tracker than Apple Watch!

  • bekahcat


    I use a Fitbit versa to monitor both my HR and pulse ox 😊

  • ladynblue


    I use a galaxy 3 watch and I've found it to be very accurate. Tested alongside heartrate monitor after I had surgery in January. It can continously monitor which is very helpful. Also, should you have Tachycardia, it have an ecg test that you can use to monitor as well as send the readings to your heart doctor. If you're not already seeing an electrophysiologist is definitely ask to be sent to one. The watch is very easy to use and so is the app. It has an O2 sensor. You can also import your water intake, and BP readings to track them.

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