What has been your experience with pelvic floor physical therapy?


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  • Kim156


    SO helpful. I didn’t realize how tight my muscles were. Learning how to release them changed everything for me. My physical therapist was very kind and gentle through every session.

  • Zellie


    So far, it's been very beneficial for me.

  • wheezynwavy


    It was really helpful, but could have been better. I need more PT but I think I'll go to a different place next time. I went to an ATI physical therapy place and the environment was a bit chaotic as they were always moving therapists to different locations so I had to change therapists a lot. That caused some confusion in my treatment. Next time, I hope to work with a smaller team of therapists.

  • Valkyrie


    I’m so glad I went through it! Before, I couldn’t even get a tampon in. My PT said my perineal muscle was as hard as a table. Now, I rarely get discomfort from penetration.

  • cbick


    My insurance wouldn’t even cover PT:(

  • Cvprisun


    what do i need to look into for this??

  • Fabio


    It’s been super helpful for me!! In about 4 months I went from crying during a routine gyno exam where she couldn’t even get a finger in, to having PIV sex for the first time. I’m still working on it but it’s been so tremendously helpful and I highly recommend!

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